Maintenance Repair and Sales

When it comes to repairing MRI coils, Renova solves every aspect of problems including on-site system tests. Coil image tests are the only way to make sure these problems are solved by stabilizing the coil and verify by OEM techniques. We guarantee quality in coil repair and maintenance.

Did a coil fall on something and some part get broken? It’s very common all depending on usage. Sometimes these parts can’t be fixed and need to order a new one. We offer you to give the same coil while your new coil is on its way, to help you continue your operation.

  • 4,8,12 Channel Coils
  • Hybrid Seperators
  • T/R Switch
  • Cable Sets
  • Cable adapters
  • Pre-Amplifier Modules

1.0T / 1.5T Coils

Shoulder, Knee, Wrist, Neck, Body Array, 5” Loop , 3” Loop, Flex, CTL 

Coil and Board Repair

We provide identification, repair and installation of CT, MRI, PET / CT and NM systems’ circuit boards, high voltage inverters and tanks.

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