About Us

About Renova Medical Engineering

Renova Medical Engineering Systems has been founded by experienced staff who has been giving field services to advanced radiological systems such as MRI, CT, Ultrasound for 10 years.

It continues to be a trusted solution partner for hospitals and imaging centers in the field such as maintenance, repairs, spare parts supply, second-hand device trade, start-up and storing within Turkey, Europe and Middle East.

We did not invent MRI systems, we just made it economical.

There has been unpredictable increase at periodical maintenance costs for MRI and CT systems in recent years. This situation effects every health institution from hospitals to imaging centers in such a way that they want to be on the safe side because of budget availability that forces to think about buying low-cost medical imaging equipment and receiving low-cost technical support.

Besides, in order to keep imaging device operating at full capacity, a trusted support and high-class equipment are required. Delays in service procedures and troubles with obtaining spare parts are the biggest challenges that customers experience.

Renova has emerged as an alternative solution partner by the end of 2015 in Istanbul, as response to increased demand for alternative radiology services in the sector, especially for SIEMENS systems. Renova is an Independent Service Organization that was founded by successful engineers who worked in various departments such as MR, CT and operation management of SIEMENS and is active in both domestic and international regions.

We’re inspired by YOU.

Health is among paramount sectors and Radiology is definitely one of the most important departments of medicine in terms of related costs and expertize. The operation of MRI systems is desired to be effective and sustainable which is a must for hospitals and imaging centers. Renova provides service to hospitals and clinics by understanding the business needs and collaborates with them making use of the experience having gained for more than 10 years. Renova is your solution partner of MRI, CT systems with its expert staff who is aware of what needs to be done in the field and informed about work ethics.

We take advantage of our resources while satisfying your needs for MRI, CT systems.

As Renova Medical Engineering systems, we cooperate with global manufacturers. We provide worldwide service quality proved by ISO certificate with relevant cost.

We currently own one of the most comprehensive inventories including all needs for MRI and CT parts such as coldheads, compressors, coils, x-ray tubes etc. Our field engineers are certificated by producing companies after their extensive training.